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In all the years I've practiced law, I've learned there is one thing that makes all clients uncomfortable - an hourly fee for services.

With an hourly fee, there is virtually no limit to how much of your hard-earned money a lawyer can take. And how could you ever be sure that you weren't billed for time never invested in your case?

That's why I charge flat fees. At your interview, I'll provide you with a written quote. Even if I have a fee increase before you retain me, this quote is guaranteed not to increase as long as you hire me before your first scheduled court appearance.

Remember, you will never pay me one cent more to handle your case through trial than the fee we agree on.*

To make payment easier, in addition to cash and checks, I accept the four major credit cards listed at the end of this page. Furthermore, in some instances, you may be entitled to a discounted fee, and in other instances, you may qualify for a payment plan.

At your initial consultation, we will review your case together, I'll answer all your questions, and give you my best assessment of your case based on the information you provided. If you don't think I am the right lawyer for the job, you can simply leave. Remember, you pay me nothing until both you and I agree on a fee!


In most circumstances, attorney fees are broken down as follows: 

Pre-trial Flat Fee Covers

  1.  Filing for an administrative license suspension (ALS) hearing.

  2. Appearing at the ALS hearing.

  3. Waiving your arraignment.

  4. Appearing at your pretrial conference.

  5. Filing motions.

  6. Reviewing any discovery (information in the prosecutor’s file) made available to us. If a video tape exists, usually we can get a copy and preview it with you.

  7. Handling your motion hearing.

Trial Flat Fee Covers

  1. Trial (jury or non-jury).

Flat fees do not cover:

  1. Appeals whether pretrial or post-conviction.

  2. Certain expenses such as court reporter and expert witness fees.

Plea Fees
A plea fee is our least expensive fee. It pays for handling your arraignment, negotiating a plea, and appearing in court with you to enter your plea. In most instances you will end up with a DUI on your record. We will try to have other charges dismissed or reduced. We will negotiate the best plea bargain under the circumstances. We always try to get the minimum sentence allowed by law.

Remember, a plea fee differs substantially from a pretrial fee. If you pay for a plea only, no motions will be filed, no video tape requested, and we will not appear at an ALS hearing for you.

After Care
After your case is over, most attorneys bid their clients a fond farewell. Not us. We recognize that after your case is over, sometimes even months later, you can have a licensing problem with the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS). This happens more often than it should.

    If you hire us for a Plea, Pretrial, or Trial, we will be there to explain the complicated license reinstatement procedures – AT NO EXTRA CHARGE. 

Chris E. Ambrose
The DUI Guy



*Attorney's fees do not cover expert witness fess (if needed), court reporter fees (if necessary), and certain other expenses not related to attorney's fees, which are spelled out in the employment agreement between you and the lawyer.


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