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A DUI Guy Interpretation of the 2002 Legislative Changes to Georgia DUI Law
By J. Michael Mullis, Attorney at Law, The DUI Guy
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The 2002 Georgia Legislature is history (unless they call a special session). Once again your senators and representatives attempted to tinker with Georgia DUI law. However, it appears that the legislators ran out of time and the bill DID NOT PASS. I'm sure our illustrious Governor was thrilled about that.

To read the final version of Senate Bill 482, Go Here. This should give you some clue of the direction the next Georgia legislature will take with DUI law.

The DUI Guy Plain English Version of Georgia DUI law is still up-to-date. It explains the penalties for a DUI conviction, including fines, jail time, community service, and drivers license suspension.

The Administrative Drivers License Suspension page is also up-to-date. If you only read the DUI law page without reading the Administrative Suspension page, you could end up losing your drivers license before you even go to court.


2001 Georgia DUI legislation. Attorney J. Michael Mullis, The DUI Guy, Georgia DUI Lawyer   

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