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My goal is two-part. The first part involves honesty. To get your business, some lawyers try to scare you to death, while others promise you the moon. I believe in giving you an honest assessment of your case based on all information available to me.

The second part is to help you to obtain the best possible resolution of your case. Oftentimes I can get your case dismissed or charges reduced. Other times I cannot. To give you the best chance possible, we follow certain procedures that have been fine-tuned over several years.


My office does initial intakes by phone and internet (internet intakes are followed up with a phone call). At this point I am trying to determine several things, the most important being whether certain timing critical issues need to be addressed. For example, if you took a breath test and registered an unlawful alcohol level, or if you were charged with refusing to take the test, we know to advise you that you need a thirty day letter.

We then  send you a questionnaire via email, fax, or snail mail. After you return the questionnaire along with all paperwork generated by the police and court system, I will review it. You will be scheduled for an office appointment (phone consultation if out of state). I will go over your case with you and give you an assessment of your situation based on the information you provided. So you see why it is important for you to take time filling out the questionnaire.

I will suggest the best approach to your case. I usually quote three fees; one for plea only, one for all pretrial matters, and a fee for trial if a trial is necessary. Please keep in mind that I only quote flat fees so you'll know how much it costs up front. I don't try to play smoke and mirrors with hourly fees. Most importantly, you pay me nothing until both you and I agree on a fee.

Many clients hire me for pretrial matters which include arraignment, pretrial conference, obtaining copies of any videos and other discovery, motion hearing, and, if necessary, any administrative license suspension hearing. After all this, I will be able to give you a very thorough assessment of your case.

I never tell you what to do, but suggest strongly what approach we should take; e.g. plea or trial. If I suggest a trial it is because I believe I can win. I have a high win ratio for those who take my advice to proceed to trial. I have a significantly lower win ratio for those who want to proceed to trial after I have suggested otherwise. If it's a close call, I'll tell you that too.

Do I win all my trials? In a word, no. Sometimes when I think I can win, I lose. But for cases that I suggest should proceed to trial, I win many more than I lose. And if any other lawyer tells you he never loses, you need to consider speaking to other lawyers.

As my client, you can rest assured that I will give you realistic expectations of your situation based on available information. And I will work as hard as I can to obtain a favorable resolution of your case.

Chris Ambrose
The DUI Guy


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