Georgia DUI Penalties:
Third Offense
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THIRD Offense

     If this is your third offense within a ten year period, the following fines, probation/jail time, and community service applies:


$1000-$5000 plus statutory surcharges.


120 days to 12 months, all but 15 days of which may be suspended, stayed or probated. As with a first or second DUI within a five year period you must do twelve months probation less any jail time you are sentenced to. 

Community Service

 You must do at least 30 days of community service (240 hours).

License Revocation

Insofar as your driver's license, if this is your third offense within a five year period you will lose your license as follows:

 If you are 21 or over, you have achieved the status of Habitual Violator and your license is revoked for five years. In order to get your probationary license after two years, you will have to complete DUI school, complete assessment and counseling, and have the ignition interlock device installed in your car.  You can then get your probationary license and will be required to have the ignition interlock device for at least eight months.

It appears that, pursuant to Code Section 40-5-63  (See revised Code Section 40-5-57.1) those under age 21 also will suffer the same five year suspension.

Alcohol Assessment and Treatment

You must be evaluated and complete all treatment recommendations before you can get your ignition interlock permit.

License Plate Confiscation

For a third DUI within a in a five year period, the license plates of all motor vehicles registered to the offender must be surrendered. Once the offender obtains either a probationary license or full reinstatement, license plates can be reissued for the offender's vehicles. Special hardship plates are available in certain circumstances for co-owners or family members.

Photo Published

Your photograph, name and address, as well as the date, time, place of arrest will be published in your local newspaper. You will be charged $25.00 for this notice.

DUI School

You must complete DUI School to have your driver's license or privilege to drive in Georgia reinstated.

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